We're all children of the Earth
In each religion God has a throne
Future bourns from our minds crown
Eternal truth gives our lives wealth

Refren :
Fanatical and blind only foolishness is
Suicidal and revengesness only evil is
Tenderness gives our children peace and happiness
Only wisdom brings forgiveness and self confidence.

We're all citizens of the Earth
Our human pride is ourfreedom's inn
We're oll brothers with nature through the love
This true friendship song in our hearts grows.

The human conscience is a step to HUMANISM
Pythagora's word takes us to watchfulness
Abandon the hate that to our soul crawls
Only work and love will save the Earth.

Gabriel Stan
( 14 september 2001, Brasov)
(translate by Andrei Dobrescu,
music by Dan Loredan